Mike Dandron

Born and raised in Monroe, Michigan, Mike has been playing violin since the age of 5. He is classically trained but has played Celtic, French/Canadian, jazz, American folk, Appalachian, and country music for most of his life. He grew up playing with the Detroit symphony orchestra’s civic ensembles on violin and trombone and studied with Hollis Baumen and Bob Culver (former head of music education at the University of Michigan. Mike studied Music Education at Bowling Green State University and worked as a musician at Cedar Point Amusement Park playing country music shows. He recently moved to Denton to pursue a career in music education.

Instrument Taught: violin

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that self-discovery is the best way for students to learn. As a teacher, it is my job to guide students to discover their abilities. Anyone can make music, regardless of their background. As long as someone is willing learn and practice, I am more than willing to teach.

Interesting Fact: Mike sometimes listens to Christmas music in the middle of summer because it reminds him of cold weather.