With 8 children, I have experienced my fair share of music instructors.  In the past, I would have to drag my children to their lessons and then make them practice at home. (No fun for any of us)  That all changed when we found Hall Music Productions. Now my boys love their lessons. They practice (play) without any prompting from me (priceless) and music has become a fun family affair.  To quote one son, “Justin and Andrew are funny and easy going. I have formed a great friendship bond while learning to play and sing music I love.”

-Maura – Southlake, TX

Hall Music Productions has been a tremendous blessing for us.  Our daughter, having played piano for several years, was ready for a different approach in her musical education.  HMPS was recommended to us by an acquaintance with an older teen, so we gave it a try.  Our daughter has very much enjoyed and gleaned much from the younger instructors, both in vocal and piano lessons, in a band, and in theory classes.  She has learned to write her own music and now record it!  She continues to benefit greatly by playing more contemporary music and understanding music from that point of view,in addition to her classical training.  We drive over 40+ miles, round trip, to HMPS, not because we love the drive, but because we feel it is worth the effort!
Nancy & Alan

Hall Music Productions provides the music and band classes for DFW PAC, my performing arts school.  The Students love the classes as well as the instructors.  They really take time to break it down for the students so they understand.  All of the instructors always go above and beyond when dealing with students and our parents.  We will continue to partner with HMPS in the future.

Dana Bailey – Founder/Artistic Director DFW PAC

My children have been students at the studio for 7 years and have had piano, guitar, and voice lessons. The teachers are engaged, enthusiastic and innovative. David’s idea to place kids together in bands was a superb idea. The recording studio is state of the art and provides unique opportunities for talented kids to develop their skills.
-Jennifer – Southlake, TX

“Our twin 10 yr old boys have been taking guitar/drum lessons from Hall Music Productions for the past 2 years.  They love this studio and look forward to their weekly lesson which includes a combined “band” jam session, followed by individual private instruction. David Hall and his instructors have been flexible, friendly & FUN. The studio’s innovative, hip and laid back style has maintained our boys’ interest and keeps them wanting to learn more … they even like to practice occasionally!
Thank You Hall Music Productions!”
Leslie & Brad – Southlake, TX

When Tyler entered middle school he became bored with school and generally unhappy. Lisa and I decided to home school Tyler so he could learn some of his subjects at a faster pace and explore others that he was more interested in. We asked him to pick an instrument to try and he tried out our old keyboard in the game room. Within a few weeks Tyler found it was something he wanted to work on more and that is when we took Tyler to Hall Music Productions. David & Andrew helped Tyler not only understand music but to love it. As Tyler improved we found we needed to increase his lesson’s to cover music theory and composition to keep up. Lisa and I also looked at other instructors to see if they could add something to Tyler’s experience but we in the end we found that Tyler was getting everything he needed at Hall Music. Tyler began when he was 11 and he’s now 14. He is a stand out classic piano player and a composer with aspirations to be a professional movie score producer. It has been amazing for Lisa and I to watch him practice three to five hours every day without ever being told. It has transformed our disgruntled little fifth grader into a serious and mature musician. Hall Music Productions have been with Tyler through the whole process and has been as much an inspiration for him as a teacher.
Rex – Southlake, TX

Hall Music Productions is a fun, organized, and motivating music establishment for people of all ages. My daughter is difficult to work with but the instructors at the studio are so patient and fun that they’ve managed to teach my 5 year old daughter discipline in learning and have increased her attention span through their music learning techniques. I recommend Hall Music Productions to all of my friends and family. I look forward to watching my children grow musically and socially at the studio!

Lessons at Hall Music Productions have been a very positive experience for Sofia and Rocket. The teachers and staff have brought out a confidence in both kids that wasn’t there previously. Learning has been fun and interesting for them and they look forward to lessons every week.
-Ann – Grapevine, TX

Both of our kids attend music classes at Hall Music Productions. My daughter was 5 when she started to learn how to play guitar with David. She is nearly 10 now and she plays beautifully. We moved to the Middle East and two years later we came back to Texas. I definitely knew where to take my kids for music lessons. The teachers are young and fun and know how to get the kids interested in music. My son is 6 and loves going to drum lessons, there is a great connection between teachers and students.
Elena & Elias – Southlake, TX

I am so glad we found Hall Music Productions when we moved to Texas. They have been excellent at teaching music to both my son and daughter. We have worked with many of the instructors at Hall Music because of constantly changing school activities and schedules. I can safely say that all the instructors have been great! They are accomplished musicians that are passionate about helping others learn music. It is also inspiring to see what they do as musicians outside of Hall Music.
Both my children love being challenged and taught the music they are interested in, at the same time we are grateful for the emails David Hall sends out exposing us to other artist and styles of music to listen to. My daughter first started taking guitar lessons, but was encouraged to also sing, which she loves. Now she is taking piano lessons too. She is challenged, given support and taught at a pace appropriate for her. I am sure this is contributing to her growing self confidence. I never though she would want to do a recital because she can be somewhat shy, but the way in which the recitals are done made her feel comfortable enough to be a part of them. Since they are done in the “cool” room upstairs, decorated with the students in mind, outfitted with lighting, video taping and couches, it is a recital that is fun and not boring or uptight. I love the idea that someone else is taping it so that we can just sit back and enjoy the show. We appreciate that the opportunity to participate in recitals, but thankful that there is no pressure to take part in them. My son loves taking lessons and playing guitar, but has no interest in the recitals, which is absolutely fine with us.
Recently my daughter has been learning what it is like to play music with others in a band. David Hall introduced the girls to each other and suggested that they learn and play together to see what it is like to be part of a band. Having an instructor help with this process is very exciting because they have someone to guide and teach them. What a great experience. We don’t know what the future holds, but I know it will be filled with music. We are thankful that David Hall and the instructors of Hall Music Productions are here to teach, promote, encourage and spread the love of music!

Jennifer – Southlake, TX

As a parent of a teenage boy student and short term student myself, David and his team know how to strike a balance between a technical musical education and fun.
Jim – Keller, TX

My daughter loves music! Learning to play the piano may not be easy, but Hall Music Productions makes it FUN!  She learns to play songs that she likes and gets to sing in the music booth like a real professional. She is learning to read music and writes songs. She wrote her first song when she was 9 years old, which is featured on the HMPS Home Grown Volume 2 student CD. She wrote the music, sang vocals and played keyboards on the track. We are very proud of her!

Priscilla – Southlake, TX

David Hall is the best music teacher I ever seen! He’s knowledgeable, creative and works hard at making your lesson the best music lesson experience for you.  I wanted to learn how to play the piano.  As an adult it wasn’t easy, but David was patient and knew what books to recommend for me.  I enjoyed learning and so is my youngest of three kids now.  He loves his piano lessons, doesn’t want to miss one and he practices every day.  My son also had several highly educated and talented music instructors.  We both have had such a positive experience at Hall Music Productions Studio!

Wafa – Southlake, TX

The studio has developed a love for music in both of our kids.  They look forward to their classes every week. Thank You for what you do!

Ramesh & Padma – Southlake, TX