3 tips for developing perfect pitch.

Welcome to your free lesson! Having spent most of my life teaching music, and the past 5 years helping students develop perfect pitch I’ve learned a few things that I’m happy to share with you. I hope that you find it insightful and helpful. Here we go

  1. Learn To Have Fun – What sense is there in spending hours, days, weeks learning music that you don’t enjoy? Find music that moves you, makes you laugh, cry, wonder about the meaning of life, don’t just do it for a challenge to feel better than someone else, that’s an empty pursuit. The research on this subject is untested, we don’t know how far your ear will be able to develop and how quickly, so while you invest time in improving your listening abilities, be sure to use it to play music that you enjoy, or someone you care about enjoys.
  2. Do not force – 5 minutes a day for the first year. We are training the brain to memorize pitch shapes, it can’t be rushed or forced. Parents be clever but firm, 5 minutes a day doing anything isn’t forcing, kids will spend hours on tiktok, they can spend 5 minutes listening a day. The energy and attitude that you approach this with has an impact. When you hit a plateau keep a positive outlook.
  3. Use Pitchcraft – The best results for perfect pitch have come from a 9 year old doing daily listening for 5 minutes a day. At that rate his ears became more developed than any professional I’ve ever known, he began from scratch. I wish that I could spend 5 minutes a day for a year with everyone that would like to learn, but that proves difficult. Together with another wonderful student we created Pitchcraft.me a program that you can use for free to train your ears in the same way that I train all of my other students in person.

If you’d like further guidance on how to develop your ears and memorize the pitches please reach out to me! Have fun!