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Can listening to Classical music make you smarter? Bach & Glenn Gould

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Alfred A. Tomatis claimed that listening to Classical Music(Pourquoi Mozart?) can increase your IQ and heal your brain.   Hence we all purchase ‘Baby Mozart’ for our infants.

While whether or not listening to Mozart actually increases your intelligence, it is undisputed that when you a hear a sound your brain reacts to it. Musical patterns stimulate and relax parts of your brain creating a massage effect.

Music also can affect mood’s, putting you in the mind and spirit of the composer & performer.

So I present to you music to massage your brain created by the most intelligent and prolific musician ever, J.S Bach. The Well Tempered Clavier, preludes & fugues in all Major & Minor keys, performed by the reclusive genius Glenn Gould.

He played these in one sitting beginning to end and it is one-hour and forty seven minutes long.

I encourage all of you to play this when you multitask, feel what it does to your mind and let your imagination run wild.

Thanks to the internet you have the ability to be in the company of genius at your leisure.